Web Design and Developments

Web Design and Developments

The One-Stop shop for Offshore Web Development

That’s what Swing aspires to be. Web marketplace is a highly competitive arena. That’s why we want to provide you with a single window shop for all your needs related to web development. As one of the fastest growing industries in the world, web development is a wide area that encompasses manifold approaches to building a web site. As an offshore web development firm, we understand that no single approach is sufficient to satisfy the complex and exclusive needs of our diverse clients.

Advantage of Swing IT Services offshore Web Development

  • Swift and cheap development
  • Custom solutions for every need
  • Fruitful use of open source technologies
  • Useful applications for web and mobile
  • Rich Internet applications
  • Custom CMS for your sites and blogs
  • Excellent, attractive web sites
  • Custom e-commerce development

We use several open source technologies, particularly PHP MySQL Web Development for building dynamic web sites and applications. PHP-based development is part of our complete package under the LAMP platform, which includes Linux development, Apache HTTP server, MySQL database management and PHP web development. We also use of Ajax development for client-side web application development. Finally yet importantly, we also offer rapid web application development using tools like Ruby on Rails, CakePHP and ColdFusion web development.

PHP Web DevelopmentPHP web development is a simple, cost-effective, customizable way of creating and enhancing your web presence. The list below will give a glimpse of why PHP is our preferred technology. We have built-up a distinct PHP web developer team of educated, experienced and expert programmers who understand the intricacies of PHP/LAMP. You can rely upon our PHP developer for all your web application development needs.

Why Should you Prefer PHP Web Development

  • PHP is free software that is extendible and constantly evolving
  • PHP is imperative, object-oriented, procedural and reflective
  • PHP is an ideal scripting language for server-side web development
  • PHP is most suitable for building dynamic web pages and applications
  • PHP is similar to most high-level languages like C, C++, Java and Perl in syntax
  • PHP is platform independent, i.e. it runs on almost all platforms
  • PHP is simple enough for even HTML coders to understand and integrate
  • PHP is technically superior and secure and it constantly updated for security and bug fixes
  • PHP is the most popular Apache HTTP Server module (as mod_php)
  • PHP is an Internet-aware system that allows access to FTP servers, database servers and SQL libraries such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc.